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Does this school's story seem familiar to you?...

This true story from a school in the East of England highlights some of the challenges facing many schools today...and the big improvements that can be made with the right help and support.

School X had a problem with its IT.  A large Primary school, it's server was ageing, out of warranty and in danger of falling over. It wasn’t sure whether it was fully licensed, or using licenses illegally.  Kit in the classrooms was old and slow. Teachers didn’t trust it to work in lessons.  Some of the WIFI boxes on the wall flashed red...they didn't know it that was good or bad  The school were paying bills for things they didn’t know about or understand.  The admin assistant was backing up the server onto tape, and taking it home for “safe-keeping”.  The IT technician spent a lot of time in his room, cannibalising old laptops and PCs to keep them running.  Still, some were taking 10 minutes to boot up at the start of the lesson. And worryingly, the kids seemed to know more about the technology than the teachers, they were getting past the filtering and accessing inappropriate sites in class, and there were instances of malicious damage to pupils’ work.  The school knew they needed to change and started asking around for help.

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