What we do with local authorities

Even before the Government concessions relating to Academies, a number of progressive authorities were looking to retain, increase or develop new ways of supporting their local schools. Think IT can help with that. Below are some examples of the services Think IT can provide to local authorities and their schools.

North Tyneside Council

North Tyneside (NT) are the lead authority for the Northern Grid for Learning, the equivalent body to E2BN for the North East. When NT found out about the Think IT framework we were asked to present to the NT ICT team. They were impressed by the range of products and services that had been pre-tendered and the range of support that could be offered to their schools.

The first significant piece of work was the replacement of the existing VLE. Since then NT have organised "show & tell" days where a select group of Think IT partners present their offerings to schools in 10 minute slots. We are also trialling pilots of mobile device management solutions and discussing authority wide safeguarding solutions. For all new sales made through Think IT, 10% of the margin is returned to the authority to re-invest in local education. 

As we run the procurement for schools, we have worked with several companies over the years, and are therefore well aware of most suppliers’ objective of ‘selling’ us a product regardless of whether it actually aligns to our needs. They would all pay us lip service, get the money, and then commonly we would never see them again until it was time to renew the contract. Think IT is the first company we have worked with who are very different; they want us to succeed.

Mags Cowan, ICT Business Manager, North Tyneside

Thurrock Council

In 2015 Thurrock asked Think IT to provide its products and services to schools through the Thurrock ICT service. This includes completing Readiness Assessments on some of the biggest and most challenging schools in the authority in order to plan and budget for significant improvements.

In early December Think IT and a select group of partners launched the service to 25 schools at DP World, one of the biggest employers in the area.


Peterborough Council

In 2015 Peterborough City Council asked Think It to provided a range of solutions that complimented it's own provision to schools. The first big test of the relationship was the upgrading of the Pupil Referral Service (PRS) which required significant investment and innovative solutions due to the nature of the service.


Cambridgeshire County Council

The ICT Service is Cambridgeshire County Council's ICT advisory and support service for schools. It is already successful in it's own right, providing services to hundreds of schools since 1995. In 2015 The ICT Service agreed to partner with Think IT to provide services, products, skills and support that complimented and did not conflict with their current offering. The ICT Service were one of the key partners who presented on the Think IT stand in January 2016.

Derbyshire County Council

Since mid-2015 the ICT Asset Management Team have been using the Think IT procurement framework to buy equipment for their schools through a safe, secure route that delivers value for money. Kit purchased includes servers, PCs, laptops and network infrastructure for Primaries, Infants, Secondaries and Day Care Centres with values in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. What they like is the convenience of a call-off contract with the reassurance of value for money through a pre-tendered, EU procured framework contract. 

In addition, Derbyshire have commissioned a number of Readiness Assessment Audits. These have led directly to work improving schools' infrastructure, including Wireless/LAN, mobile devices and collaboration tools.

Milton Keynes Council

Milton Keynes were looking for a partner who could help them support their 110 schools.  Think IT are the ideal choice because of its technical capability, capacity and education experience. In addition to providing additional depth and breadth, Think IT are contributing back into the local authority and its schools.