DfE Survey results

Conducted on behalf of the DfE this survey shows great results for Think IT with 100% of respondents saying they'd recommend the framework to other schools

Does this school's story seem familiar to you?

Does this school's story seem familiar to you? This true story from a school in the East of England highlights some of the challenges facing many schools today...and the big improvements that can be made with the right help and support.

Assessing Your ICT Needs

The successful use of technology is about more than just procuring the right tools; it requires efficient management to ensure that everything runs as cohesively and effectively as possible. ICT encompasses a variety of areas - from the hardware and software used to connectivity and security, networks and infrastructure.

ICT horror stories from Think IT

Neil Watkins shares real life horror stories from teachers in order to help other schools learn from their mistakes and understand the importance of investing in efficient and robust ICT.

Assessing your school’s ICT Needs

Every part of of a school's ICT system is inextricably linked, and if schools ‘break the chain’ in any way, by removing or altering an aspect of it without seeking expert help, then the whole system can be impacted.

Have you seen the benefits of Microsoft 365?

The long awaited Microsoft 365 packages are now available! Empower teachers to unlock creativity, promote teamwork, and provide a simple and safe experience in a single, affordable solution built for education. Include students at no extra cost when you buy for teachers, faculty, and staff.

E2BN Interview with Neil Watkins

In April's edition of the E2BN magazine, Clare Welsh interviews Neil Watkins about why he thinks ICT is so important for schools.

Drone Threat to schools?

We've started to get queries from schools about drones buzzing playgrounds. That could pose a serious health and safety risks, or safeguarding concerns. While incidents are thankfully currently extremely rare, this two-pager from Dedrone is useful in understanding some of the issues.