Think IT in conversation with: Chris Tweedale - CEO of Guildford Education Partnership

Chris Tweedale has over 40 years' experience in education as a teacher, Headteacher, Government Advisor, Senior Civil Servant in England, Director of School Improvement in Wales and CEO of three Multi-Academy Trusts. In this conversation with Neil Watkins, Chris shares some of his experiences, offers advice to new MAT CEOs and shares his views on IT in education.

IT MATters Event 23rd October

It’s a fact - you can’t run a School or a MAT without good IT. From increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your staff, to bringing new schools into your MAT, IT can be an enabler or a blocker. To find out how to make it an enabler, come to our exclusive event on the 23rd October with speakers from the DfE, Microsoft, MAT CEOs and schools.

Think IT recommended as part of DfE "Deals for Schools"

Think IT has been selected as one of DfE "Deals for Schools". The Schools Commercial Team (SCT) has reviewed a wide range of deals and Think IT has been selected in the ICT category. These deals have been assessed for compliance with procurement regulations, ease of use, suitability and value for money. DfE also considered feedback from schools already using the deals. Think IT specialises in educational cloud services specifically designed for the needs of schools, academies and other learning centres. With over 75 of the best educational suppliers we provide quick and easy online quotes, a call off process, direct awards, aggregation for groups of schools and MATs, and can assist with further competition if required.

We asked Beeches Primary what they thought of Think IT...

Beeches Primary are on of Think IT's full service schools and one of the first schools we worked with on a big scale. 2 years on we went back and asked them a few questions about their experience so far...

Think IT Survey results

This survey shows great results for Think IT with 100% of respondents saying they'd recommend the framework to other schools. Respondents gave Think IT 4.4 out of 5 stars

ICT horror stories from Think IT

Neil Watkins shares real life horror stories from teachers in order to help other schools learn from their mistakes and understand the importance of investing in efficient and robust ICT.

Does this school's story seem familiar to you?

Does this school's story seem familiar to you? This true story from a school in the East of England highlights some of the challenges facing many schools today...and the big improvements that can be made with the right help and support.

Assessing Your ICT Needs

The successful use of technology is about more than just procuring the right tools; it requires efficient management to ensure that everything runs as cohesively and effectively as possible. ICT encompasses a variety of areas - from the hardware and software used to connectivity and security, networks and infrastructure.