What's your 3 year IT strategy?

When I ask schools “what’s your 3 year IT strategy?” they can’t usually answer because 9 out of 10 schools don’t have one. Especially in times of shrinking budgets, having the right IT strategy can save you from making reactive, poor and expensive IT decisions. Get your free School/MAT IT Strategy here...

Stay above tech-tonic plates with The Cloud

Schools have already seen signs of tech-tonic change in the movement to cloud technologies by the big players. But schools can make this digital disruption work for them and their communities. Logical strategies are essential and the first thing they should do is get their heads out of the clouds — and into the cloud.

Can gamification change education for good?

Can gamification change education for good? This article explores the impact games in education could have in the next few years.

Airhead @ Riders Infant & Junior Schools

Riders Infant & Junior Schools are federated with a combined total of 420 pupils.