ITGL is an award-winning consultancy, passionate about helping Further and Higher Education institutions adapt and thrive in the constantly changing digital environment. We apply Cisco world-leading networking, communication, and security technologies to create a digital campus environment that responds seamlessly to the needs of students and staff. By using technology in a more people-centric way, we help to improve their wellbeing and enhance the reputation of the institution. This is the Intuitive Campus.

Spongy Elephant

Online training that gives you superpowers! Over 1000 bite-sized videos and online experts for you to choose from and add to, organised into over 100 instantly accessible digital skills, induction and compliance courses for schools, trusts and colleges


When technology is within their reach, students and educators can do remarkable things. The digital transformation can have a profound impact on every aspect of the education experience. See how Microsoft's powerful devices, tools and IT solutions can help drive your own digital transformation, and empower every student to achieve more.


Chess is one of the UK’s leading technology solutions providers, helping over 33,000 businesses grow through proven technology and expert advice. Relationships with all major UK networks and technical capabilities across Voice, & Connect, ICT, CyberSecurity and Digital allows us to design, deploy and support our customers to grow efficiently, work from anywhere, safeguard their businesses and better connect with their customers.

Virtue Technologies

Virtue Technologies work in partnership with their customers, aiming towards a common goal of improving teaching and learning, ultimately supporting a school towards its ICT vision. They do this by providing a customised and local service that is both flexible and innovative.


eMathsMaster’s Dual Solution, delivers maths teacher training and student learning for maths covering Key Stage 2 to GCSE and includes 380 video and assessment based interactive online modules. It is used in Primary, Secondary and Further Education. It’s being used by students from age 8yrs up to adult and is covered by the eMathsMaster guarantee, which states that every student will achieve a minimum of a grade 5 GCSE if they complete all 380 modules.


Experienced Transformation / Programme and Change managers. Our people are security cleared, highly capable and totally trustworthy. Driven to deliver the right outcomes for our clients. We specialise in providing individuals and teams of experts to design and deliver successful transformational programmes and projects. From IT enabled change to behaviour and culture change.


Albion provide Apple products and related services across the country, giving schools the complete technology platform that supports outstanding creativity, communication and learning. As Apple Solution Experts in Education we provide the complete technology platform to support innovative teaching and learning.