eSafety4schools exists to provide schools products and services that allow them to meet the DfE’s ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ strategy from an IT perspective.

eSafety4schools sells Connectivity, Web Filtering and PREVENT monitoring to Primary and Secondary schools in the UK. 

School's are mandated to have the products they sell so there is a captive audience of some twenty four thousand schools. The principle officers of the company have been involved in the IT industry and specifically supplying service to schools for over 30 years combined. Utilizing their knowledge they have grown the company from no customers in 2014 to 500+ subscription based school customers today.

Initially supplying a very basic Web Filtering product they have expanded the product line up and been named the exclusive ISP partner of iboss who are the leading supplier of Secure Web Gateways in the US ( Web Filtering and much much more) and a Gartner SWG visionary leader in the last report.

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