Airhead @ Riders Infant & Junior Schools

Riders Infant & Junior Schools are federated with a combined total of 420 pupils. Ian Addison is the ICT Lead and a Year 6 teacher. He’s highly experienced in using technology to support learning and teaching and is both a graduate of the Google Teacher Academy and a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer.

When Ian joined the school in 2013 he wanted to stimulate the use of technology across the school to enhance learning and engage pupils more effectively. Firstly, he introduced Google Apps for Education, then Airhead and, more recently, Chromebooks.

Ian says, “I think that it is very important for children to be able to load the Internet, be presented with a range of stuff and then access it quickly. This helps to get to the learning quicker and will help reduce potential errors when typing long addresses. There is a time and a place for using Google to find things, but that is not every time you want them to load Education City.”

“Once I've made a launchpad, I simply share this with different users. This has already been set up through our Google Groups so this makes sharing easy.” As well as Google Apps for Education, Airhead works with Microsoft Office 365 and can even connect directly to a school’s Management Information System.

"The children simply click the link to visit and it knows their Google login and signs them into the launchpad that they need. There is also a new feature that removes the need to login at all.

This is perfect for our infants; they will simply click the login on the desktop and be presented with a range of links. I have also used this option on our tablets. This is on the home screen of every tablet giving pupils a quick way to load the various tools they need to use.”

"The customer service and technical support from Airhead has been top notch."

Ian Addison, ICT Lead

Ian is clear that technology needs to drive improved learning outcomes and he believes that Airhead makes a difference to teaching and learning at Riders Junior and Infants Schools by:

  • Supporting easy access to web resources and applications on all devices, including tablets
  • Allowing the sharing of new resources with pupils at the press of a button
  • Making it easy to logon to applications using the autologon feature
  • Using public launchpads to allow infant pupils to easily access resources without a logon
  • Supporting all teachers to embed technology in their lessons