Airhead @ The Swinton High School

The Swinton High School had been searching for a dynamic way to share content with pupils outside of the classroom for a number of years. Assistant Headteacher Paul Turner describes how Airhead enabled them to finally open up 24/7 education for all.


“We tried VLEs and subscription services with limited success. They were always labour intensive or limited in what they could provide, being too wide ranging and not specific to the courses that we teach, or lacking in true depth and detail. Airhead has meant that we can be in control of everything that we share with the pupils and guarantee that it is content specific and useful to the pupils who are accessing the information At The Swinton High School we see Airhead as more than just a tool for ‘Bring your own device’ and we use it as a way to deliver core content and strategic intervention through an always available ‘portal’ to our courses.

“Airhead has meant that we can be in control of everything that we share with the pupils.”

Paul Turner - Assistant Head

We use Airhead to:

  • Provide key course information to pupils to extend their learning past the traditional period of the school day.
  • Allow quality revision materials to be present at all times, reducing expenditure on photocopying and distribution of materials.
  • Make strategic intervention through the easy availability of quickly shared, differentiated materials that are carefully matched to the ability level and needs of individual pupils.
  • Facilitate collaborative teaching by visibly sharing high quality planning with other members of staff within the wider teaching community.
  • Provide high quality teaching and learning resources to pupils who are within our internal exclusion rooms or who are educated off site.
“Our pupils and staff are already realising the benefits of 24/7 access to learning resources and activities.”

Paul Turner - Assistant Head

At The Swinton High School we aim to provide full online courses that are specifically tailored to our pupils, carefully differentiated to cater for all abilities and easily assessed and modified by those who use them. Airhead gives us the ability to quickly and easily upload and share quality resources whenever and wherever we want to. Our pupils and staff are already realising the benefits of such a simple, but effective way of expanding our provision to allow 24/7 access to high quality learning resources and activities. Now pupils can access their courses anywhere and on any device and can be assured that they are studying exactly what they need to succeed in their studies.”