Airhead @ Westwood and Iford Primary School

Ian is using Airhead to share educational resources with teachers, parents and pupils. It integrates with the groups in Google Apps so it’s really easy to share launchpads with different classes on the Chromebooks.

Ian has even created a public launchpad of maths revision resources and embedded it in his own blog so children can revise their maths at home. Following a successful day of blogging, Ian tweeted, “Had an email from two children today who have gone home and used Airhead to help them with their learning. Brilliant!”

A fantastic way to organise all the best of the web in one place. So intuitive.

Ian Rockey, Headteacher

Airhead is making a real difference to teaching and learning in the school by:

  • Extending learning beyond the classroom
  • Sharing new resources with pupils
  • Making it easy to logon to applications
  • Engaging pupils' interest
  • Supporting teachers to embed technology
Orchid class are trying out this awesome new thing on the computers called Airhead. It has lots of different apps like Times Table Rockstars, Mathletics and lots of other stuff. It's so cool!

Key Stage 2 Pupil